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Definition: 1. [n] anything carved in low relief
kkl.kl.kkk2. [n] moving or still pictures in contrasting colors that appear three-dimensional when superimposed

(These anaglyphs have been made with several 2D pictures included in the rotating models of the ANYTHING3D.COM website. Check out this website ! It provides some very good solutions and devices (turntables for example) highly useful to promote products or people. And with an additionnal post-processing (like I did), they can greatly help to make stereoscopic pictures or animations.)

291 Ko01536 Ko02227 Ko03448 Ko04

433 Ko05274 Ko06
259 Ko07221 Ko08

248 Ko09582 Ko10313 Ko11532 Ko12

499 Ko13455 Ko14473 Ko15473 Ko16

499 Ko17455 Ko18473 Ko19473 Ko20

499 Ko21455 Ko22473 Ko23473 Ko24


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